Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of any wedding. Without a bridal party there isn’t really a wedding. It is the bride’s posse of besties who make the big day happen. Through the walk down the aisle to holding her gown for her during bathroom breaks to helping her keep her nerves at bay in moments of stress and anxiety. When it comes to gratitude gifts, it is the bridal party i.e. the bridesmaids. Following are some unique bridesmaid gifting ideas for the beauties who make the big day happen.

Custom T-Shirts

An uber cute way to commemorate the event and immortalize it, custom t-shirts are just a small token of love and gratitude that are just as personal and special as they are cute. Design your own custom shirt and be as creative as your heart desires.


Champagne Glasses

Weddings are a celebration and no celebration is complete without some champagne. What could possibly more fitting for a present than getting your bridesmaids customized champagne glasses. Go the extra mile and customize them by monogramming them with your friends’ initials. You can even design your own and get them made to order. The liberty that you get with a personal design is the freedom to make it as personal as you want.


Gift Boxes

Confused about one gift? Easy, make a box of your top picks. Gift boxes and gift baskets are the best way to show your girlfriends you appreciate them for all that they have done for you in lieu of your big day. Gift boxes are very thoughtful and useful tokens of appreciation that are incredibly cute to look at and can later even be used as decorative items. Fill your gift boxes with all kinds of goodies like baked goods, chocolates, jewelry, memorabilia like pictures, or perhaps customized items like coasters, glasses, engraved spoons, etc. The more thought you put into it, the more sentimental value it will carry. Make it special but keep it simple and personal. For an added special touch, you can add something to commemorate the event like a bridesmaid satchel maybe or a tiara. Keep it girly and fun.


Bridemaids Maid of Honor and Bride Standing Together Holding their Bridemaid Gift Box

Personal Care Items

Every girl needs personal care items in her vanity. Do her a favor and get her some yourself. Staples include body washes, scrubs, moisturizers, face washes, masks, loofahs, etc. Considerate, practical and something that will come in good use, if you are confused about how to go about the gifting situation, just play it safe with these and some chocolates.

Thank you gifts are the best way to let your girlfriends know they are important to you by appreciating their efforts. Make it a special one.

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